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We offer worldwide coverage for art, jewellery and contents of your home, your home building and your personal liability. Among the many policy features are the following:

Extended Replacement Cost Coverage

This provides cover for the cost to rebuild your house after a covered loss. Therefore, if the costs exceed your insurance covers, we will pay up to 200% of the sum insured to rebuild your house. This safeguards you in case your home isf under-insured. 


Expertise in Valuing Home

Most insurance companies do not see the homes they insure until after a loss occurs. As a specialist insurer of fine homes, we believe we need to understand the true value of a home before we can offer insurance.

During a visit, we will carefully document the architectural details and unique features of your home and determine the true value to rebuild it. That way, if you suffer a loss, there is no reason why we cannot  restore it as close as possible to its original condition. At the time of our visit, our appraisers are also available to provide you with a review of your security and fire protection, and help you assess ways to reduce the risk of burglary, accident and fire.


Replacement Cost on Contents

This covers furniture, electrical appliances, books, clothing, shoes, bags, cutlery and etc. The policy covers the full cost of replacing your contents (new for old) after a covered loss, up to your insured limit. And we will not depreciate their value.


Cash Settlement Option

No matter what you suffer in loss or damage, we will not require you to replace them. If it suits you better, you can always opt for a cash settlement.


Additional Living Expenses Coverage

If your home is not habitable due to a covered loss, we will pay the reasonable costs for your additional living expenses for up to 12 months while your home is being rebuilt.


Personal Liability Coverage

We provide you and your family with personal liability cover for a variety of circumstances where you are legally responsible. For instance, if you lose your credit card or if a guest sustains an injury at your home and takes legal action against you.


Exceptional Cover for Art and Valuables

It is not uncommon for the valuable collections within a home to be worth more than the house itself. So if you have expensive assets that you would like to acquire protection for, we can offer an even greater cover.


You can itemize each article and determine upfront the value of each item to be listed. That way, you will get exactly that amount if you have a covered total loss - and you will not be restricted by limits, an excess or depreciation. 


If you lose or damage one item from a pair or set, we give you the options to match that loss or damaged item or surrender the remaining items and either choose a replacement pair or set, or receive a cash settlement up to your sum insured.


Worldwide Coverage

No matter where you go, you have worldwide coverage for the contents of your home, your art as well as personal liability.


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