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Charles Art Insurance - Service Guarantee

The reason there are so many 'bad luck' insurance stories is simple. Tempted by saving a few dollars on your premium, you risk losing thousands on a claim. Insurers can only offer low prices by selling a standard policy peppered with 'small print' limiting the sum they will pay out. So if you own a higher-value art & home you're likely to discover - often too late - that your needs aren't adequately covered. Our radical 3 step approach is designed to abolish 'bad luck': 


Step 1. We believe in total transparency

We agree with you upfront, exactly what is insured and for how much. This eliminates over and under-insurance, and any haggling after the event. We also offer 'agreed value' for jewellery and fine art - so you know the exact sum you will receive in the event of a loss.


Step 2. We provide broad cover

We provide 'all risks' cover (indluding accidental damage) with minimal restrictive conditions, no under-insurance penalties and no small print. It comes from understanding what we are insuring.


Step 3. We aim to pay claims

The moment you make a claim, we are ready to deal with it in a fast, fair and fuss-free way.