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Art Mould


Art Wear and Tear

In a tropical weather like Singapore, humidity is a big skiller on arts. A painting that was bought in New York may soon find mould growing on canvas. Many people tend to think that they can claim insurance, they are surprised to know that the mould or any wear and tear is not covered under an insurance policy. A typical art insurance policy excludes damage caused or due to atospheric conditions, such as mould or pest on textiles, paper, canvas, and wood. Therefore, you should:

  • keep display and storage areas clean all the time
  • inspect your art regularly
  • isolate an infested art from the others by sealing it in a polyethylene bag
  • inspect new art everytime you acquire them to make sure they are not infested. 

We suggest that you store art in a professional art storage with proper temperature and humidity control. Meanwhile, you engage an art conservator to inspect and conserve your arts regulary. 


Please read Newsletter 5, to discover what an art conservator can help save your arts.


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