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Charles Art Insurance - Art Exhibition and Transit Insurance

Art Transit & Exhibition Policy Summary

Significant Features and Benefits

  • You are covered for Loss or damage to Exhibits whilst at Insured Locations

  • Cover two ways transport, including packing & unpacking, installation & dis-installations

Significant Exclusions

  • Wear and Tear

  • Inherent defect and breakdown

  • Gradual deterioration

  • Loss by insects or vermin

  • Damage by atmospheric conditions

  • Damage due to the art undergoing a process e.g. restoration

  • Confiscation and War

  • Wilful acts by you or an employee

  • Radioactive contamination

  • Losses discovered during stocktaking

  • Stock not adequately packed for transit

  • Stock in Unattended Vehicles

  • Fraud and dishonesty by you, your employees or those you entrust stock to for sale


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